Incorporated in Boston, Massachusetts, in 2002, Eye Candy Cinema, Inc. was born many years earlier in the mountains of Colorado when Vail locals and future partners Eric Scharmer and Anthony Keel rode the chairlifts together, envisioning a small production company with a focus on beautifully shot outdoor and adventure documentary films.

Almost two decades later, with offices now in Boston and Vail, our company has grown from Eric Scharmer filming skiing and underwater as a freelancer to a full service production company with an exceptional array of field production, camera, audio and postproduction skills and one which has garnered numerous broadcast and film awards as well as continual accolades from our clients.

With the addition of junior partner and rising industry star Brian Kerley in October of 2006, the company has expanded its capabilities exponentially both in the field and in the postproduction studio, and has re-infused the company with energy and perspective.

And while we continue to have a passion for sports and outdoor work (we still regularly provide a variety of services for all types of pro and “extreme” sports productions) we also produce unique and powerful videos for businesses, schools, colleges and non-profit organizations, many of which are now embracing the potential and power of new distribution avenues such as the web, for which we have both the expertise and postproduction capabilities.

We have a small but very talented and dedicated staff, low overhead and symbiotic relationships with many different industry professionals and companies, so we can bring as many resources to bear as your project requires, at a cost that makes sense.



Eric Scharmer


Anthony Keel

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Brian Kerley


In 1988 Eric spent the first of many summers on Cape Cod working as a diver on the exploration and recovery on the pirate ship Whydah, which sank off the coast of Wellfleet, MA in 1717. It was this experience that opened the door to his career as an outdoor / adventure photographer, as he began working as an AC on underwater-related projects for the Discovery Channel, many of which were part of Discovery’s legendary Shark Week series.
For most of the next decade Eric was living in Vail, CO skiing on the Pro Mogul Tour during the winter and diving and filming during the summer. There he combined his budding love of the camera with his talent on skis, producing and shooting a number of ski related films including two pioneering trips above the Arctic Circle and numerous excursions around the world.
The late 1990s saw Eric settled back in Boston for good, where he quickly became a staple in the photography department at New England Sports Network, producing and shooting outdoor and adventure shows in addition to the hometown pro teams, garnering numerous awards and accolades in the process.
In 2002 Eric and long time Vail friend Anthony Keel founded Eye Candy Cinema, a Boston based production company which, continues to specialize in outdoor oriented film and television as well as institutional projects. 2003 and 2004, however, were definitely “baseball years”, with principal photography contributions to Still We Believe: The Boston Red Sox Movie, front line contributions documenting the Red Sox’ incredible, historic ride ending an 86 year curse and complete immersion into the world of the Cape Cod Baseball League with Touching the Game.
Since 2004, Eric has continued to hone his skills, serving as Director of Photography and principal camera on numerous high profile television and film projects, culminating with DP and ownership credits on our latest project, Touching the Game: Alaska.


Anthony Keel was born in Germany and spent his early childhood there before moving to Washington DC at the age of seven, already with an affinity for new experiences and travel.
After school and a short but successful business career, Anthony settled in Vail, CO, embracing his passion for the outdoors and adventure, working as a white water river guide and bartender. In Vail Anthony met future business partner and erstwhile ski buddy Eric Scharmer, and the seeds for their production company Eye Candy Cinema were planted.
Incorporated in Boston in 2002, Eye Candy Cinema quickly grew into a sought-after field production resource for TV, institutions and film companies. In 2003 Keel and Scharmer teamed up with another award winning company, Fields of Vision, to produce their first feature length documentary, Touching the Game: The Story of the Cape Cod Baseball League, which was released in the summer of 2004. The film aired nationally on several networks, has won several film festivals awards and the DVD has sold more than 10,000 copies nationwide.
The following summer Anthony and Co-Producer / Editor, Jim Carroll of Fields of Vision, began work on the next film in the Touching the Game series. Filmed in HD, Touching the Game: Alaska is a captivating look at the rich baseball tradition in the 49th State and was released in December of 2009.
Anthony has garnered industry accolades as a producer, cameraman and soundman, and has been involved in a variety of projects around the globe.

BRIAN KERLEY (Junior Partner)

In 2003 Brian graduated from the Theatre School at DePaul University with a BFA in Theatrical Studies. After college Brian worked on a freelance basis for numerous companies including The Ivoryton Playhouse, Boston Camera Rental Company, Expanding Entertainment and Blue Chip Films. In 2005 Brian joined the staff of New England Sports Network (NESN) as a camera and jib operator.
In October 2006 Brian teamed up with the partners of Eye Candy Cinema in creating award-winning film and video projects, shooting on various formats all over North American and Europe. Projects have included documentary films, national and regional broadcast programming, as well as content for corporate, educational, and non-profit clients.