Touching the Game: Alaska

Alaska is well known for its majestic scenery, captivating wildlife, and strong indigenous culture, but few know about its rich baseball tradition. America’s pastime has an amazing history in the 49th state spanning more than 100 years and for the last forty the Alaska Baseball League has been at its epicenter. The second film in the Touching the Game series, released in December of 2009, explores this extraordinary baseball tradition both past and present. Learn more at TOUCHINGTHEGAME.COM.
[produced by Eye Candy Cinema and Fields of Vision]

Touching the Game: Cape Cod

This is the trailer for our first film in a series about amateur baseball under the Touching the Game Brand. This film about the premier collegiate wood bat baseball in the country has garnered widespread critical acclaim as well as commercial and broadcast success. This film was released in June of 2004. Learn more at TOUCHINGTHEGAME.COM.
[produced by Eye Candy Cinema and Fields of Vision]

Don’t Look Down: Shaun White

This documentary follows professional skateboarder and snowboarder Shaun White as he travels the world for competitions and charity.
[produced by Charlie & Willie Ebersol with Bombo Sports & Entertainment]

Still We Believe

Excerpt from an award winning film about the insanity of the Boston Red Sox and their fans.
[produced by Bombo Sports & Entertainment (theatrical, (DVD and Broadcast release)]

Brook’s Wrestling

This documentary is an intriguing inside look at the championship season of the 2003 Brooks High School (MA) Wrestling team.
[field produced for Fields of Vision (for Don Stanley)]