MyTown gives the young people of Boston a chance to not only learn more about their city's history but actually teach others by giving walking tours. The video has been used for both promotion and fund-raising.
[photography and audio for Fields of Vision (MyTown)]

Charles River Conservancy

Excerpted from a documentary style piece used to help raise funds for a new multi million dollar, world-class skate park in Boston.
[produced for Charles River Conservancy, ongoing]

Friends Forever

Friends Forever is a Non Profit organization dedicated to breaking down societal barriers. This compelling fundraising piece illuminates their last twenty years working with teens from Northern Ireland, both in their home communities and here in the U.S., where they are forced to put aside their differences and live as group. This piece is being re-edited for broadcast in the near future.
[produced with Fields of Vision for Friends Forever, ongoing]

Seven Hills

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, this piece was put together highlighting all the accomplishments of this organization aimed at providing care and education for the mentally and physically disabled.
[field produced for Fields of Vision (Seven Hills)]