Providence College ’87 Basketball

The Providence Friar basketball team has a strong tradition and is considered by many Rhode Islanders to be their state's pro team. This video looks at the great 1987 team.
[photography and audio for Fields of Vision]

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Harvard University Stadium

For the first time in its history, all the stories are told of one of this country's oldest buildings and one of its greatest sports arenas. The show not only features rarely seen film clips of some of Harvard's greatest games, but contains in-depth interviews with some of Harvard's most famous alumni including George Plympton in one of his final interviews.
[photography and audio for Fields of Vision (Harvard University - special feature aired on WB56)]

Colleges of the Fenway

Commemorating its 10th Anniversary with this video, Colleges of the Fenway is six small colleges pooling resources to offer a big University experience in a more intimate setting.
[field produced for Fields of Vision (COF)]

Belmont Hill Crew

One of three videos created to celebrate Belmont Hill’s long and prestigious crew program.
[field produced for Fields of Vision (Belmont Hill)]

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The Dublin Difference

Excerpted from an admissions video showcasing this very unique school and its exceptional educational model.
[field produced for Fields of Vision (the Dublin School)]