“The Woodmeister Way” is a program for new and present employees of Woodmeister Master Builders that helps define the unique culture of the company. It is a culture of craftsmanship, caring, success and ongoing training that makes the Holden, MA based company one of the top, high-end builders and cabinetmakers in the North East.
[photography and audio for Moody Street Pictures and John Stimpson Entertainment]

MIT Technology Review: High Speed Rail in Spain

Shot all over Spain in 2008 for MIT Technology Review magazine, this video explores the modern technologies which keep Spain’s High Speed Rails running.
[photography and audio for Moody Street Pictures]

American Clay

American Clay’s products provide a nontoxic, creative solution for beautiful interior finishes for your home, offices, inns, hotels or spas - anywhere beauty and health are important.
[produced by Eye Candy Cinema]

Prudential Real Estate

Online video tours of for-sale and rental properties are quickly becoming a necessary tool for today’s real estate agent. These videos are the best way to highlight your property from the others on the market.
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